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It took cancer a little bit more than a year to take my breast, my nephew and my mom. It didn’t get my faith in life though. (And believe me, it was trying hard 😉 My wonderful boyfriend, my amazing friends and my caring brothers are my shield. Dance and singing are my weapons.
We’re many (patients, friends or family) fighting cancer with creativity. Composing, drawing, painting, writing, body art-ing etc. to prevent it from taking our souls. So let’s share ideas and creations in order to inspire people, who will inspire others in their turn.
(Ex)-cancer patients, friends, family, care takers ; please share your
creative ways of dealing with cancer!

Share your drawings, your songs, your poetry, your body art, your sculptures, your street art etc. Share your original ideas of helping cancer patients. Share your creative ways of honoring those that cancer took from us.

Send it to: lescellulescreatives@gmail.com (with your name or nickname and maybe an explanation) or post it on the cellules créatives’ facebook page

Let’s make creative cells multiply faster than cancer cells !

PS : Not being a professional artist is no excuse for not sending in your stuff !;)

PPS: The blog is mainly in French, but I’ll try to switch to English every now and then, and as there’ll be a lot of videos and pictures, no language skills are required to get the basic ideas. For your contributions feel free to write in English (oder auch auf Deutsch o en español. (Po Lingala, zela moke. Nazali koyekola;)

Thank you!
élodie (aka blackboldandbreastless;)

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