Cou-Rage. Une designer met des mots sur ses blessures.

The doctors recently discovered that the many little strokes that I had during my treatment were caused by a medical error. At first, I was relieved, then, -when I realized I was lucky that the medical error didn’t kill or handicapped me-, I felt utterly grateful. Of course, I was a little bit upset too (I spent nearly 50 days in the hospital over the last ten months, I had to eat horrible hospital food, I still have attention problems, I missed my mom’s last birthday and a workshop with Desmond Richardson (!) because of a f*** medical error!!), but I tried to ignore that unpleasant feeling – in the end, all is well that ends well, and, who can claim he has never made an error?

But that was before I had seen Trix Barmettlers poster. The poster shows a woman’s torso with a mastectomy scar. It is covered by three  letters, that either form the word “Mut” (courage) or the word « Wut » (anger) depending on how you read it.

(c) Trix Barmettler
« Mutwut. A designer loses her objectivity. »

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