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Tout est dans la tête. Ou plutôt, dessus./ How (fake) head tattoos sometimes help to draw yourself up.

In olden days African hairstyles worked as indicators for a person’s rank, age class, ethnic group or marital status. When I still had hair, I had my very own hair semiology: one hairstyle = one role.

Afro:                               Angela Davis: free, rebel and disalienated
French pleat:               the businesswoman –determined and successful
Ballerina bun:             the classical dancer: romantic and dreamy
Ponytail:                       the jogger – active, but easygoing
Braids:                           the Congolese – back to the roots
Updo:                             the 50’s jazz singer –elegant and feminine
High front bun:          the teacher – having a natural authority (or at least I hope so. I wore it to impress my students…)

I didn’t care that I had never jogged in my life, the simple fact of wearing a ponytail in the morning made me feel more energetic and gave me the illusion that I potentially could be the next marathon winner. But chemo suddenly ended this “autosuggestion-by-hairstyles”-method. Being bold, I can only play one single role: the one of the cancer patient: sick and weak. (well, and the one of the neo-nazi, but I don’t think my skin tone would fit…)

But that was before I discovered that eyeliners work pretty well on bald heads. Now, every time I go out in the evening, I draw flowers or abstract figures on my head. Not only are they beautiful, they also hide the fact that my hair-loss is due to chemo!


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Bold bald queens

Princesses might wear long blond flying-in-the-wind hair – Queens don’t need that. Queens wear crowns.

The Henna Heals movement transforms the bald head of chemo patients into a piece of art. See the henna heals homepage and facebook .They even have their own youtube channel with tutorials, so we can be creative and design our own henna crowns.

So head up, queens (and kings), a crown like this has to be worn proudly!